Chongqing and the World 2014 Cultural Carnival

From October to December, the Chongqing and the World 2014 Cultural Carnival was held at Chongqing Tiandi. The event was jointly organized by Chongqing Tiandi and the Chongqing Foreign Cultural Exchange Center. The opening ceremony featured a performance by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, whose performances of Chinese songs "Hot Girls" and "Rose, Rose I Love You" proved to be a hit with the audience.
An interview with a female director during the GREAT British Online Film Festival and a live performance by piano maestro Christian Leotta during Italian Culture Week were also highlights of subsequent events and were very well-received by audiences. What followed was a number of highly successful and very well-attended events, such as the Foreign Company Finance Forum, Bishan Culture Week and Chinese and Foreign Family Fun Carnival. Thanks to its quaint architecture and vibrant mix of cultural events, Chongqing Tiandi is steadily becoming a window through which foreign residents in Chongqing get to know the city and local people of Chongqing learn about the world.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain enlivened the Chongqing and the World 2014 Cultural Carnival


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