New Year’s Eve Music Concert and Xiao He Exhibition

On December 31, 2014, Chongqing Tiandi invited well-known independent Chinese musicians Xiao He, Huan Qing, Li Daiguo and Zhu Fangqiong to put on a New Year's Eve music concert. This was the first time audiences in Chongqing had been able to enjoy first-hand this stunning collaboration by top Chinese experimental folk musicians, and the theater was packed with a very enthusiastic audience. Before the Chongqing Tiandi clock tower struck twelve, the musicians joined the audience in the Kiss & Hug New Year's ceremony, including the final countdown to midnight. Recordings of the event proved a hit online, further cementing Chongqing Tiandi's reputation as one of the city's top cultural havens.
On the afternoon of January 1, Xiao He's Falling Leaves of Autumn exhibition was held in the Chongqing Tiandi Art Gallery. As part of the opening ceremony, Xiao He held a salon in which he discussed his thoughts on the creative process. He also conducted an 'audio-sensory' performance with the audience entitled Play It By Ear. The exhibitions lasted until January 12 and were a rich combination of traditional arts and modern scientific elements. They provided an inspiring prelude to the upcoming Live Your Tiandi 2015 event.

Chongqing Tiandi played host to the first ever performance of its kind by independent
musicians Xiao He, Huan Qing, Li Daiguo and Zhu Fangqiong, who provided
the audience in Chongqing with a performance called ‘Four Mu’.

Xiao He shared his thoughts on the creative process, saying "Every
sound is an instrument; the rhythm is the beat of our hearts”

Local media interviewed Xiao He after performance


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