Ruihong Tiandi: Shanghai’s First “My Aero-outfits DIY Workshop” – Imagination Soars in the Hall of the Stars

Between June 13 and July 5, Ruihong Tiandi innovatively introduced the groundbreaking "Creative Drama" format developed by The Children’s Theatre Association of America (CTAA) to Shanghai, as the Deputy Director of the China Children's Music Research Association, Ye Xunqian, was invited to help set up Shanghai's first "My Aero-outfits DIY Workshop" in the Hall of the Stars. At the camp, both kids and their parents had the chance to enjoy a creative workshop packed with fun and interesting activities that stimulated their imaginations and innate creativity, bringing to life the concept of “edutainment”.
Ruihong Tiandi's "My Aero-outfits DIY Workshop” brought together lots of smart kids who transformed themselves into miniature spacemen, and had a blast interacting with a performance artist. In addition, Hall of the Stars ambassador Boon Boon B also joined in, offering training and guidance for the little spacemen. Parents, who took on the role of "space assistants", worked with the spacemen to complete their space helmets and rocket and put their creative energy to good use.
The kids who took part not only gained the "Urban Farm" qualification for adopting a magic plant, but the top-performing kids also participated in a performance training class taught by Mr. Ye. They also received tickets to the premiere of children musical, a reworked version of “I, The Little Prince”, which was personally directed by Mr. Ye.

Thanks to the training and assistance provided by Boon Boon B and the "space assistants", the little spacemen produced wonderfully creative space helmets during an out-of-this-world weekend at Ruihong Tiandi

Deputy Director of the China Children's Music Research Association, Mr. Ye Xunqian, provided lively and engaging performance training classes

During the lessons the top-performing children were able to adopt magic seeds that Boon Boon B had brought from the Planet R6. After preparing the soil, the kids then planted and cared for the seeds in pots marked with their names – helping the magic plants to grow and thrive


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