Chongqing Tiandi 2015 Festival Croisements French Culture Week Celebrates All Things French

From June 16 to 24, Chongqing Tiandi teamed up with the Consulate General of France in Chengdu, the Chongqing Alliance Francaise, the Chongqing Unifrance Films and the Palace Cinema to offer up a feast of authentic French films and music for local residents as part of 2015 Festival Croisements French Culture Week. On June 16, the 12th Chongqing French Film Festival was unveiled in the Palace Cinema in Jialing Mall. During the film festival from June 16 to 24, eight recently-released and quintessential French films provided audiences with an authentic taste of France. From June 19 to 20, the French Summer Solstice Music Festival was held at the Chongqing Tiandi Cultural Theater. The French bands BYGA and TPG serenaded local residents and tourists with fantastic performances and friendly banter, creating an unforgettable midsummer night’s party. With the celebration of the meeting of French and Chinese culture, Chongqing Tiandi was able to present local residents and tourists with feasts of romance and cultural exchange blending with fashion and passion.

The 12th French Film Festival hailed the arrival of authentic French culture in Chongqing

During the French Summer Solstice Music Festival, the fantastic live
band performance received enthusiastic responses from local residents

The trendy and romantic warm-up cocktails served as an occasion
for the audience to mingle before the performance started


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