The World Voice during Golden Week, “World Music Festival” Presenting by China Xintiandi

During this year’s golden week – National Day Holiday, 2015 World Music Festival, sponsored by CXTD, will come to Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, and Foshan, where music fans can have a feast to their ear’s content. Diversified and creative music forms with various cultural connotations will deliver an exceptional experience to all audience.  
Since 2012, China has seen four successful World Music Festivals. This year’s happens to be during the golden-week of National Day Holiday. The first song of this year’s music gala will be played at Shanghai Xintiandi on October 1; then 7 groups of world-class musicians, who seldom play in China, will take their distinct music and exceptional performing skills to The Hub, Wuhan Tiandi, Chongqing Tiandi, and Foshan Lingnan Tiandi, where audience will get the opportunity to appreciate different music styles, such as jazz, rock & roll, electronic, flamenco, and Cumbia.         
During this music festival, Fanfara Tirana meets Transglobal Underground, which is a world-leading band from the Britain and whose performance integrates street music, electronic music and elements of Indian and the Middle East music. In recent years, the Transglobal Underground joined hands with Fanfara Tirana, a traditional orchestra from Albania, crafting a music world where the classic and the modern blend. Besides well established artists, Nicole Rayy as a special guest also comes to the music party. Diversified music forms will cater to different tastes. It is worth mentioning that the local music groups will also glorify this great event. 15 domestic original music bands, such as Top Floor Circus, Cold Fairyland, Mercy and Sorrow, Baiyu Ballad, will offer rock & roll, ballad, and jazz to all audience, showcasing the strong power of China’s original music. They will have a dialogue with the 7 groups of foreign artists with music as their language.

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