Chongqing Joy Sea World Makes its Debut

On July 8, Chongqing Joy Sea World that lies at the NO.2 building of Chongqing Tiandi’s Enterprise Tiandi was awarded as “a base for science education in Yuzhou District of Chongqing City”. At the award ceremony, Chongqing Joy Sea World presented to over 30 children in Hualongqiao community “lifelong sea world passport”. They also, together with leader from Yuzhong government and association for science and technology, visited the sea world.
On July 11, Chongqing Joy Sea World opened to visitors, who would see thousands of special marine life there. The 13 themed halls such as Sea Touch Hall, Submarine Tunnel, Jellyfish Palace, became very popular among citizens. At the first day of operation, about 10,000 visitor came. As the only large-scale indoor oceanarium in Chongqing, Chongqing Joy Sea World integrates many functions, including marine animal display and performance, polar landscape, science education, and tourism. It also designed many themed marine travel experiences to spread marine culture. The sea world will become the happy land for parents and children and an important science education base in Chongqing. Thanks to the Chongqing Joy Sea World, Chongqing Tiandi will deliver to all citizens a comprehensive urban leisure experience integrating entertainment, culture, and shopping.

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