Ruihong Tiandi “Hall of the Moon” Kicks off Tenants Gathering Collaborate with Modernsky to Create Innovative Music and Entertainment Experiences

On November 18, Ruihong Tiandi II “Hall of the Moon” held a tenants gathering party and signed agreement with Modernsky, China’s largest independent music house, symbolling the launch of the first platform of Modernsky Lab in Southern China.
As a part of Ruihong Tiandi’s master plan, the 24,000m2 “Hall of the Moon” is quite unique in target customers and business positioning compared with other two phases (Hall of the Stars and Hall of the Sun) and other similar commercial complex. It aims to reach energetic youths and builds a new Live Xintiandi through innovative music, entertainment and offline experiences. In terms of architecture, “Hall of the Moon” inherits the low-density building style of Shanghai Xintiandi and incorporates innovative elements to meet consumers’ demands of engagement and interaction. “Hall of the Moon” introduced 2/8 business form, which means during leasing, 20% focus would be paid on innovative business, meanwhile 80% based on the mass demands on retail, catering and other mainstream business forms, thus to achieve stable customer traffic and meet various consumers’ demands.
As a representative of the 20% new business forms at Ruihong Tiandi “Hall of the Moon”, Modernsky Lab will attract music studios and DJ studios scattered across the city. We plus Modernsky Lab’s own art salon and fashion art space, and it will push the fashion at Hongkou district to a new level and make it clearer for Ruihong Tiandi to become a new fashion landmark in Shanghai.

Modernsky and Ruihong Tiandi “Hall of the Moon” kicked off cooperation (From left to right: Lihui Shen, President of Modernsky, Ming Li, Director of Commerce Committee of Hongkou District, Thomas Tam, Executive Director (Commercial) of China Xintiandi)

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