2016 Shanghai Xintiandi Countdown Party Was Held Successfully

On December 31, 2015, 2016 New Year Countdown was held in Shanghai Xintiandi Taipinghu Park. The renowned singers Hacken Lee and A-Lin were invited to the scene. With its unique stage above water, dazzling lighting design, high-tech projection and special stage structure, Shanghai Xintiandi organized a wonderful New Year's Countdown Party with modern elements. Hacken Lee and A-Lin performed their best pop songs and sang together for the first time. They fully mobilized excitement of the audience and welcome the New Year together with them.

Hacken Lee, a well-known singer in Hong Kong, and A-Lin, a well-known singer in Taiwan, sang together for the first time.

This year, the stage has many unique features: the use of large-scale LED, extension of stage center, the largest outdoor screen which is up to 70 meters, and various backgrounds projected according to contents in the performance which makes the audience have an immersed sense. A big ball-shaped mirror, situated at the center of stage, showed LED starting countdown, with large LED stage in the rear, wonderful lighting effects and colorful projection and animation, to welcome 2016.

The grand stage of 2016 Xintiandi Countdown Party

Enthusiastic audience welcome 2016 and cheer for the future

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