Adventure in Glacier, Hubindao Shopping Center Builds Snow and Ice World

On December 10, 2015 Shanghai Xintiandi’s Hubindao Shopping Center launched “Glacier Adventure”, which presents a prehistoric glacier world at the city downtownand will last until February 14, 2016.

The Glacier Adventure is a creative and interactive experience themed event. It contains three zones – main exhibition zone, sports & gaming zone, and shopping & entertainment zone. The main exhibition zone includes ice sculptures, huge specimen of prehistoric animals and plants. This zone uses lights, images, music and multimedia virtual interaction technologies to create a realistic glacier world. The sports zone includes bumper cars on ice, bicycles on ice and exciting motion sensing skiing. There are bars on ice, food on ice, creative glacier store and select designer works in the shopping & entertainment zone. All of these aim to provide multiple sensing experiences to customers.

Children were visiting the huge specimen of prehistoric animals.

The bumper cars on ice are welcomed by all consumers.

As the only shopping center focusing on lifestyle concept in downtown, Hubindao Shopping Center opened in October 2015, providing rich lifestyle leisure options for white-collars in surrounding office buildings and residents in high quality communities.

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