Pass Love and Warmth in the New Year of Monkey

During the 2016 Chinese New Year, Wuhan Tiandi held a series of activities with the theme of “Pass Love and Warmth in the New Year”. 

“Warm Heart, Warm Love–Monkey Year Temple Fair”

From February 8 to 12, “Warm Heart, Warm Love–Monkey Year Temple Fair” was held at  Wuhan Tiandi. More than thirty folk artists were invited to demonstrate National Intangible cultural heritages and the authentic traditional culture. Through the puppet show on February 10, Monkey King acrobatics on February 11 and B-BOX performance on February 12, visitors witnessed the unique skills which only could heard from older generations before. Besides, the interactive “Human-driven Heat Generator” was filmed by visitors and uploaded to Internet, attracting hundreds of thousand visitors.  


Interactive “Human-driven Heat Generator” attracted a large crowd of people


Crowded Temple Fair at Wuhan Tiandi

"Gods of Luck, Emolument, Longevity and Fortune" Landed  Corporate Center 5 at Wuhan Tiandi

On February 14, the Valentine’s Day, as well as the first work day after the Spring Festival, “Gods of Luck, Emolument, Longevity and Fortune" landed on Corporate Center 5, at Wuhan Tiandi, bringing blessing for the new year. The four gods presented surprising gifts, attracting everyone to take photos. 


Staff of Corporate Center 5, Wuhan Tiandi, taking Photos with the Four Gods

Sweet Couples Gather at Wuhan Tiandi for the “Hug of Love”

On February 14, 214 couples were called up through the official WeChat account of Wuhan Tiandi, and provided them opportunities to give each other loving scarfs and warm hugs on this romantic day. The lovers said they feel the touch and happiness as they met for the first time from this romantic invitation from winter, this warm heart and this touching appointment. 


Visitors scanning QR codes for onsite interaction


Sweet lovers hug each other

As one of “Pass Love and Warmth in the New Year” activities at Wuhan Tiandi, “Hug of Love” joined hands with many brands to give away beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts for lovers, improving the atmosphere and driving sales of tenants. 

Monkey King Leads Lion and Dragon Dance on Lantern Festival

On February 22, Monkey King led the Lantern Festival activity at Wuhan Tiandi, along with Lion and Dragon Dance. Mr. Alex Wang, General Manager of Wuhan Shui On Tiandi Property Development Co., Ltd., Ms. Marina Chen, Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Shui On Tiandi Property Development Ltd., Ms. Michelle Wang, Assistant General Manager of China Xintiandi Wuhan Project, Mr. Roy Cao, Operation Controller of Wuhan Branch of Shanghai Feng Cheng Property Management Co., Ltd.  participated in this event and dotted the eyes of four lions.


Lantern Festival blessing from Wuhan Tian

In the sounds of drums, the festive lions gave brilliant performance at Sales Center and Office Center of Wuhan Tiandi, passing blessing, fortune and luck to every corner and creating an atmosphere of happiness. In addition, the lions visited each tenant and wished them a better year in 2016. 


Monkey King leads the Lantern Festival activity at Wuhan Tiandi

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