Cracking Art to Support the Opening Ceremony of Weekend Activities

On September 17th, the Horizon Shopping Center in Wuhan Tiandi first introduced Cracking Art, the Italian artistic equipment, to Wuhan, China. Three live broadcast platforms reported the whole opening ceremony. Snail-shaped and mongoose-shaped animal sculptures were ingeniously placed in every corner of The Horizon Shopping Mall to closely approach people and promote their sense of environmental protection. An online photo shared activity was also launched to encourage people at present to share interesting pictures of animals and themselves.

On October 1st, together with the Cracking Art animal exhibition, “Corrugated Paper Market” was also held in Horizon. Parents and their children would make animal-shaped or cartoon works with corrugated paper. You could just imagine how fun it was! On October 5th, everyone could participate in various handcraft activities by taking photos with the animal-shaped works at Horizon and then sharing on their WeChat moments. When you go to the Art Creation Area, you would find delicate works combined with waste tyres and plants, with waste carton and dry flowers as well as ingenious paintings with leaves. Series of activities received a warm welcome since people could get to know the importance of environmental protection when they were doing handcraft.

Warming-ups like oil painting workshop and bottle cap creation were also launched in the art hall in order to further carry forward the event. Ten fans that had been invited online in advance and ten customers that signed up on the scene brought their great talents into full play in expressing their aspiration to protect the world and the environment.


Audience stopped to watch animal-shaped works


Animal Swarm Here – Corrugated Paper Market


Kids advocate environmental protection with oil paintings


Kids are working with bottle caps

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