Music Season at Hall of the Moon of Ruihong Tiandi Rhythm of the Moon Grandly Begins with Stars’ Beautiful Songs



Soft opening ceremony of Hall of the Moon at Ruihong Tiandi

On the evening of December 16th, Hall of the Moon of Ruihong Tiandi – another comprehensive business district carefully built by Shui On Land held its soft opening ceremony. In line with the lighting ceremony of “LUMIÈRES SHANGHAI” Light Festival, Ruihong Tiandi also started its Rhythm of the Moon which offered people a fantastic holiday carnival. Music stars represented by Yan Jue and Xu Jiaying also presented to celebrate. And busy Christmas market will also last three days for shopping. All in all, Hall of the Moon of Ruihong Tiandi made full use of numerous fashionable elements like light and art, music and performance providing a proper place for Shanghai citizens to have fun in this winter.


Hall of the Moon of Ruihong Tiandi –Rhythm of the Moon –Yan Jue’s and Xu Jiaying’s Performance


Time Stand Still, the light works designed by Peter Rimak, a famous Australian designer, attracts eyebrows of many people


A Tiny Boat under the Moon co-composed by Xia Murong and Li Zhi from Mur Mur Lab


Riding to the Moon advocates struggling for future in an environment- friendly and energy-saving way.

In order to give Shanghai consumers a brand new entertainment experience, Hall of the Moon not only created the concept of “Musical Entertainment”, but also introduced several influential culture-loaded brands. Many needs of consumers like catering, shopping, nursing and entertainment were better satisfied. Particularly, a lot of famous brands at home and abroad were open to all and many brands which have already been well-known were also re-shown in a customized or a creative way. Ruihong Tiandi said that as Hall of the Moon was put into trial operation, nearly 80 exquisite stores covering catering, retail business, hairdressing and nursing, entertainment and body-building exercise will open to all successively to offer alternatives for Shanghai citizens to choose at their spare time.



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