The Third Traditional Group Wedding at Foshan Lingnan Tiandi to Mark the True Love in 300 -Year-Old Marriage House

On December 18th, 2016, a group wedding under the theme of Forever Love was held by Foshan Lingnan Tiandi at Wenhuili Marriage House. It represented Lingnan wedding tradition which boast a 300-year history in China and would be the third since its first time in 2013. Nine couples which were chosen from Foshan and Guangzhou would experience a typical traditional wedding ceremony which they could only see in films. At that time, they would wear Chinese traditional wedding dress, sit in a bridal sedan-chair, kick the door of the sedan-chair, jump across brazier, and bow to parents. Moreover, local-specific figures Gook Luck Elders and the couples who had joined wedding ceremony before will also bring more blessings to the new couples. Representatives of Foshan Government, Mr. Vincent H. S. Lo, Chairman of the Shui On Group and Ms. Loletta Chu would also be the chief witness to blossom of the Lingnan traditional culture in this new era.


Group Photo of the Wedding at Lingnan Tiandi

Wenhuili Marriage House, within Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Project Phase II, was built in early Qing dynasty. This building complex was first inhabited by a Yang family. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, Foshan was densely populated, and at that time, the wedding gave priority to grand ceremony to attract more attention. Spacious places, however, were not available. Under this circumstance, the Yang family rented out their big houses for wedding events, which turned into a custom. After mid-Qing dynasty, the owner of the building changed; ever after it served as marriage houses.


Mr. Vincent H. S. Lo, Chairman of the Shui On Group,  was making a speech at the group wedding ceremony held by Foshan Lingnan Tiandi


The bridegroom is raising the bride’s veil


New couples were making a vow at the group wedding ceremony

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