Shanghai Xintiandi Contemporary Public Art Show Launched

The Contemporary Public Art Show is taking place at Shanghai Xintiandi from July 10th to August 31, and its exhibits have transformed the North and South block and Xintiandi Style into cutting edge, multi-style public art spaces. One of a series of events comprising the 2014 Arts & Culture Festival, the show is curated by artist Wang Hui and includes works exploring the theme of "traces"by over 10 famous contemporary artists from China and abroad. More than 30 art pieces in total are on display, including paintings, sculptures, installations and video works.
This art show demonstrates how public art can go beyond the possibilities of physical space and the visual level. With its works of emerging artists and pioneering spirits, the event creates a diversified public art space where the public interacts with the works on display. In the years ahead Shanghai Xintiandi will introduce further public art activities with unique cultural significance and interactive elements.

(Tai Chi by artist Ding Yi, a work with strikingly Chinese style)

(The Battlefield of Fashion by Korean artist Seon Ghi Bahk.The varied shapes of the horses silently tell of times past)


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