THE HUB Hongqiao CBD’s First Batch of Corporations Moving In

A signing ceremony for the first group of corporations moving into Shanghai Hongqiao CBD was held on July 9. Bryan Chan, Project Director of THE HUB, attended the ceremony along with representatives of the new tenants. Hongqiao CBD is the new economic development engine for the Yangtze River Delta region and it contributes to Shanghai's development and integration with other parts of the Delta. The signing ceremony marked the launch of THE HUB as the first landmark project of the Hongqiao CBD, and was a milestone event in the development of this new hub that will serve as one of the four central hubs of Shanghai including international economic center, international financial center, international trade center and international shipping center that feature in the government's long-term development plan.
With its prime location and convenient transportation links, THE HUB has already attracted the attention of many MNCs that are keen on setting up office there, among them GRUNDFOS and KEYENCE. Roche Diagnostics, one of the Fortune 500, will settle its greater China headquarters in THE HUB during the second half of 2014. In addition to Showroom Offices, THE HUB consists of a shopping center, Xintiandi-style commercial district, performance center and five-star hotel. It seamlessly fulfills the needs of work, life, play and leisure, offering a completely new office and commercial experience.

(Lobby of THE HUB Showroom Office)

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