Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Frozen Summer Series Launches

Foshan Lingnan Tiandi launched a Frozen Summer series event to offer visitors an opportunity to cool off during the hot summer vacation. Lingnan Tiandi offered refreshing promotions in collaboration with multiple cold food and beverage brands. In addition to discounts, Lingnan Tiandi organized a variety of activities every Thursday between July 24 and August 14. These included the “Lingnan Tiandi Parent-Child Kitchen: Fructose Street” where the head of Fructose Street, Ms. Ren, taught children how to make golden rice balls; “Journey of Coffee: Your Coffee Time with Lingnan Tiandi”, a collaboration between Lingnan Tiandi and Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Pacific Coffee to initiate a coffee culture; the “Lingnan Tiandi Parent-Child Kitchen: New Honeymoon Dessert Experience” where families made drinks from the latest “Summer Painted Ice Drinks” under the supervision of Honeymoon Dessert chefs; and the “Western Table Etiquette Class”, which instructed participants on the niceties of Western table etiquette in a lively demonstration by French head chef Michael.

(The Foshan Radio DJ with families at Honeymoon Dessert)

(Ms. Ren teaches children to make golden rice balls)

(Guests learn the niceties of Western table etiquette)

(“Journey of Coffee” participants brew a cup of coffee)


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