2014 Sino-French Spring Event Series — Dancing in the Air

On May 9 and 10, the French contemporary dance “le partenaire” (“Vertical Environment” in English), one of the events of the 2014 French Romantic Culture Week Series held at Chongqing Tiandi, hit the stage. The amazing performances attracted nearly a thousand local residents.
“le partenaire” was performed by three French dancers from the Retouramont troupe. They danced on a tall building in an interpretative confrontation against the material world. Choreographer Fabrice Guillot said, “Vertical dancing is symbolic of people meeting the challenges of an increasingly limited living environment. We choose the air as the performance area because having a space for circulation can open our unlimited imagination.”
Chongqing Tiandi has collaborated with the French Consulate on the “Sino- France Spring” Series of Events for several years since beginning their partnership in 2011. This year is the 50th anniversary of the opening of diplomatic relations between China and France. Both countries will continue to present classic, high-quality cultural and artistic performances for visitors to Chongqing Tiandi.

(Dancers performing “le partenaire” in midair)

(Chongqing Tiandi General Manager Mr. Timothy Wu and the Consul General of the French Consulate in Chengdu Olivier Vaysset enjoying the performance)

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