Popular Contemporary Art Day — the“Filial Piety” Public Art Exhibition is Unveiled

On May 11, Mother’s Day, Lingnan Tiandi held a new public art exhibition with “Filial Piety” as its theme in the Yuanji Huang Gong Ancestral Temple. Lingnan Tiandi General Manager Mr. Joe Zou and Foshan Shui On Property Development Co., Ltd Deputy Project Director Mr. Dixon Man were in attendance at the exhibition.
The human hair art piece titled “Filial Piety,” created by the famous international contemporary artist Mr. Gu Wenda, was put on display for the first time in Lingnan Tiandi. Thousands of young students wrote “Filial Piety Scriptures” together in an effort to set a new Guinness World Record. The event mixed modern art and the essence of traditional Chinese culture, not only showcasing the culturally central traditional Chinese concept of “filial piety,” but also sending the best holiday wishes to mothers in a highly innovative way.
Gu Wenda’s other artistic innovation—“Gu’s Simple Words” was on exhibition at Lingnan Tiandi. Inspired by traditional calligraphy, Gu used red lanterns symbolizing filial piety to change the local clock tower into a tall, irregularly shaped “organism,” representing the powerful regenerative genetic capacity of five thousand years of Chinese civilization.

(Lingnan Tiandi General Manager Mr. Joe Zou accepting the Guinness World Record award)

(The famous international contemporary art master Gu Wenda leading thousands of primary school students in writing “Filial Piety Scriptures”)

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