The “Expressing Filial Piety” Event Series Opens — the Many Ways to Show Filial Piety and Love

Every weekend in May, Lingnan Tiandi proudly and warmly presents “Expressing Filial Piety” Series Events. Although there are many forms of expressing “filial piety”, all of them convey the same kinds of feelings- respect for mothers and families, and cherishing the affection we have with them.
Whether it was the mothers and their children writing the enormous ”Thousand Expressions of Filial Piety” banner together, or the people delivering “filial piety” by sending Lingnan Tiandi postcards expressing feelings of love, or the very cute boys and girls sitting in flowery carriages sending carnations to mothers to show their filial piety, or other colorful activities such as those held by the “Filial Piety Scriptures” calligraphy club and the “Expressing Filial Piety” pottery workshop, Lingnan Tiandi was surrounded by the purest kind of love during the entire month of May.
Through this series of activities and events, Lingnan Tiandi digs through the various forms of expressing filial piety to show the public the profound meaning of “filial piety” and “love” during the Mother's Day holiday, filling the whole community with a stream of family affection.

(Mothers and their children writing a large ”Thousand Expressions of Filial Piety” banner together)

(A mother and her child sending a Lingnan Tiandi postcard expressing love)

(Cute boys and girls riding a carriage and giving out carnations for Mother's Day)

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